Saturday, May 3, 2008

This is the first time I am doing an attempt to write. I know I am not very good at this but still very enthusiastic about writting a blog. Once I had done an aptitude test and got result that I shouldn't get into creative things like writting but I am good with technical things ( According to them of course :-)) Here I am today on the verge of completing my engineering got placed in one of the good IT consultancy of India that's TCS ( Tata Consultancy Services ).
( WARNING: YOU CAN SKIP THIS I AM GETTING A BIT PHILOSOPHICAL HERE) This is all I could have asked from Life at this early age( I have got everything A good family, good friends and everything a person needs to be happy in life) but I strongly feel that It's just the beginning and I will go much ahead in Life . Dreams I have are BIG and hope I'll be able to achieve them. Today no doubt I am quite happy with where I have reached in life but as it is said "we will always be in pursuit of (more ) happiness " I hope I'll be able to achieve my dreams in life.
And this is my journey so far............................

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ashish said...

i hope that whatever u want in your life, from the bottom of your heart you will get that.Just make sure that
you have to be honest with at least any one person in your life and most importantly with yourself.It really helps a lot.