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Amsterdam Visit 15102016

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It was a very early start. We woke up at 0230 to catch 0400 train from Reading to St. Pancras International. Eurostar brought us to the, capital of Eurozone, Brussels Midi (Belgium). Thalys took us from there to Amsterdam, Netherlands. We reached local time 1345.

Netherlands, is known for a flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes. Amsterdam, the capital, is home to the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the house where Jewish diarist Anne Frank hid during WWII.

The first thing you notice when you enter Netherlands is that it is crowded. There is a lot of hustle and bustle. No doubt it is the most densely populated country in Europe. A lot of people on bicycles, shows high focus on environmentalism.Traffic is not as orderly as you expect.

It is perhaps more modern than Britain. Country is not trying to sell you it's history. Rather it's not even trying to sell marijuana or sex or anything for that matter. You are free to choose what you want to see. There is this sense of 'true freedom' that gets you and makes you fall in love with it. 

The highlight of day one was Amsterdam's night life, marijuana and red light district. We were roaming around in city for 6/7 hours. I am amazed by the stark contrast to India. They have legalised drugs and prostitution, and it is available easily in coffee shops and red light district resp. The very things not only illegal but taboo in India. Yet, or because of it,  this place is safer.

This country is non-religious. Unlike UK or France, Holland does not show off cathedrals/churches. Compared to India, where spirituality and religion are deeply integrated in culture this place looks like a different planet altogether. Yet not an ounce more immoral and definitely less corrupt.

Couldn't see much on day 2. Travelling in city in tram was fun and awesome company always helps. Time to say bye to Amsterdam and Holland for now. May or may not come back here but will remember this city/country as crowded yet systematic, non-religious yet moral, young and reckless yet responsible. Doei voor nu.

Monday, November 23, 2015

जिवनातल्या हरवलेल्या निरागसतेच्या शोधात…

का कुणास ठाऊक, आज जाणवत आहे हरवलेली निरागसता. निखळ हास्य हरवुन गेलय कुठेतरी . का अस झाल असेल याचा शोध गेताना सापडते विषण्णता. पैसा , प्रगती, ध्येय हेच आहे का सगळ काही ? मला नाही वाटत. कुठे तरी खोल , अजुन निरागसता टिकून आहे. ती परत सापडेल अशी आशा नक्की आहे , पण नेहमी अस आशावादी राहाण पण दिवसेंदिवस कठीण होत चाललंय…

ह्या जिद्दीचा पण कंटाळा येतो . का इतक कठीण आहे हसण? मला स्वच्छंदी जगायचं,  ह्या जाणिवेचे क्षणभंगुर अस्तित्व कायमचे नष्ट करायचं . का हव बाह्य ध्येय? फक्त हसण ध्येय असु शकत नाही का?  सतत काहीतरी मिळवायचं, काहीतरी करायचं, कुठेतरी जायचय… का? फक्त आणि फक्त असू शकत नाही का? एका फुलासारखं. काय कमवायचं असत फुलाला? त्याच आयुष्य फक्त 'असत'.

पण मग वाटत , मिळालाच आहे आयुष्य तर होऊन जाऊदे… सगळ काही एका ध्येयामागे देऊन टाकाव. वेडेपणाच्या सगळ्या सीमा तोडून टाकाव्यात. त्या वेडेपणात मिळेल ती निरागसता . कदाचित हेच सत्य आहे. कदाचित नाही .  

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#Toyota sets aside $1 billion for #AI and robotic research center.

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त्या उदास संध्याकाळी, एकांताच्या उंच शिखरावर,मनाच्या खोलात अजुनही, रम्य वास्तव कुठेतरी आहे॰
कुणाची तरी संगत फक्त तिथे आहे॰ अव्यक्त जाणीवांच्या लहरी काळाचे बांध तोडून पायांना स्पर्श करताहेत॰ मन उदास इथे, पण पुर्णपणे निश्चिंत तिथे॰
हा भुतकाळ, भविष्यकाळ कि फक्त मृगजळ? कि काळाला भुत आणि भविष्यात तोडुन आपण करतोय भयंकर चुक? 
या असंदिग्ध वाटणार्या भावनेच्या मुळाशी आहे चिरंतन प्रसंन्नता, ह्या साक्षात्कारानेच उदासीनतेची धुळ काहिशी पुसल्याचा भास मात्र नक्की होत आहे ॰

Sunday, March 29, 2015


“I am a firm believer of the fact that every change is always good” these were the words said to me by someone with more experience. This was completely out of context but fits perfectly to my situation. Undergoing a lot of change recently by shifting to UK, don’t know for how many years.

Swindon is a nice city. I liked it the moment I arrived here. Very serene. Hope this place inspires me and keeps me on right track. It certainly has a potential to do so. For now, so many things happening simultaneously and enjoying this.

I thought there will be a resistance to change, internally. But strangely it’s not there. I think, I have also started to believe that any change is always good. It’ll teach me a lot and I am ready for it.