Sunday, January 16, 2011


Why does it happen sometimes that you see someone and feel that you have seen them before, you have some connection with them? Why does it happen that you know someone very little but feel that you know them quite well? Why does it happen that you meet someone for a very short period of time and they take exit from your life, you hardly spend some time with them, you hardly know them but you feel they could have been your BEST friends? You see them and feel it’s just the ‘error of positioning’ ( i.e, Different time, place or both responsible for non-acquaintance). You never forget them.

You spend a hell lot of time with few of them, they become your best friends but still remain strangers and you feel had you given more time to them this friendship could have been different, you feel you would not have had to meet them like a stranger next time you meet them.

I don’t understand this, and like Einstein said ‘How on earth could you prove scientifically a phenomena like this?’. Strange is the role of these ‘strangers’ friends in our life. Strange.

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