Friday, December 31, 2010


Coming year will be the most crucial for me. I somehow managed to secure admission in B-school this year. I could have done better but that's how you feel every time you look back. With great power, responsibility comes.I am wondering whether the converse is true. I hope it is.
Few days back I was having a conversation with a professor.( He is one of the most powerful man I have ever known. He has 10-11 degrees and one of them is I.A.S. I think that says it all ). He said a very wonderful thing to me. He said " Always remember , there are certain marks found on the body of a child, these marks stay with that child throughout his life and even after death.We call these marks 'Birth Marks'. Similarly there are certain events. They stay with a person thorough out his life and even after his death. " I felt privileged to get such a wonderful insight towards life from such a respectable person and at the same time felt sad when I realized that, I don't have ( at least at this stage in my life ) intellectual , emotional and spiritual depth, to fully understand the meaning behind those words. Nevertheless I am lucky to have received those words.
I understand that few of these 'events' will 'happen' to me this new year. I hope with great responsibility, power comes.

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